Business Breakfast on Data Analysis

On 25th of October our morning began with Mazars Business Breakfast, that was focused on Data Analytics, Process Mining and SAP Analytics.

Our special guests Patrick Oelze (Partner | Digital Solutions & Services, German CPA & Tax Adviser) and Ishan Babbar (Sr. Consultant – Data Science Digital Solutions & Services) talked on benefits of using Mazars SAP Analytics technology and ways in which Mazars solve the problems of our clients with analyzing data even in other ERP systems by applying cutting-edge methods of predictive and prescriptive analytics for a variety of use cases, e.g. supply chain analytics, shopfloor analytics, HR analytics and others.

Mazars SAP Analytics allows you to automate all data analysis steps that can be automated: data extraction, Process Mining, selected tasks implementation etc. It makes the data analysis much easier for internal and external auditors by checking all transactional data of a company on 155 indicators, such as segregation of duties conflicts, unexpected and implausible transaction schemes, master data inconsistencies and a lot more.
Moreover, you don't even have to install any application in your SAP or on your computer. Our solution respects our clients’ expectations in terms of data security.

Mazars is always looking for better working methods and approaches. We have one common goal: providing clients with an unmatched experience throughout the journey.

It is always a pleasure to talk to our clients and share both breakfast and great innovative ideas.