Foreign desks

Responding to the new challenges in the international business markets, Mazars in Ukraine has set up various foreign desks to assist both foreign companies in their business in Ukraine and Ukrainian companies in their international growth strategy.

Mazars China Desk 中国业务部

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Mazars China Services Group is a dedicated group of professionals with particular expertise in serving Chinese clients. 玛泽中国业务部由一批专门为中国公司提供服务的专业人员组成。


German Desk

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Mazars ist eine internationale, integrierte und unabhängige Organisation, die sich auf Dienstleistungen im Bereich Wirtschaftsprüfung, Buchaltung, Steuern und Consulting spezialisiert hat.


CEE UK & Ireland Desk

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The UK and Ireland are two European countries with very similar systems of law and taxation, with mutual rights to work, live and travel, along with mutual professional recognition of accounting and audit professionals which pre-date the arrangements made in the EU and are therefore independent of Brexit. Regardless of the rich cultural heritage of Celtic languages available in both countries, the main business language of both is English, and a strong common culture exists between the Republic and the UK. We therefore treat the two countries as a single desk for the purposes of assisting our clients from the UK and Ireland coming to Central and Eastern Europe and vice versa.