Mazars China Desk 中国业务部

Mazars China Services Group is a dedicated group of professionals with particular expertise in serving Chinese clients. 玛泽中国业务部由一批专门为中国公司提供服务的专业人员组成。

Mazars established its presence in China in 1998. Moreover, an important merger with Chinese audit firm ZhongShen ZhongHuan in December 2015 created a full-service firm on the Asian market, with the ability to support clients in 77 countries and enabled the Mazars partnership to continue delivering exceptional value in the Chinese audit and consulting sector.


Our mix of permanent, international professionals on the ground in China, together with a strong team of local professionals allows us to be valued, trusted business adviser to European companies operating in China and to Chinese companies looking to access the European market.


The benefits of Mazars China Desk: 玛泽中国服务部的优势:

  • Multilingual experts who will take time getting to know you and your business needs 熟练掌握多语言的专业人士能够深入了解企业和企业的需求
  • Coordinated approach to service delivery, rapid deployment of cross border support, thanks to our independent, integrated and international partnership 凭借相互独立同时整合度极高的国际合伙人体制,能够确保为跨境业务提供高效快捷的服务
  • Partner-led relationship with a personal touch; the person you meet will be your single point of contact and the one coordinating the engagement 由合伙人主导的客户关系,与您取得联系的既是直接的单点联系人也将负责项目的协调
  • Appropriately sized teams and short communication lines 规模适当的服务团队和直接顺畅的交流
  • A pragmatic, pro-active, problem solving approach with a focus on the client needs 针对顾客需求提供积极务实的解决方案
  • Advice tailored to your size, sector and geography 根据顾客规模,行业和地域分布,量身定制解决方案
  • Flexible, competitive and transparent fee structures. We will tailor our fees to meet your requirements, where possible 灵活,透明,极具竞争力的收费标准,在合理的收费下满足客户的各项需求
  • Mazars has extensive experience in the SME market and is seen as a strong player in the mid cap segment 玛泽对待中小型客户极具经验,在中端市场具有较强实力

Mazars, provides a wide range of services for Chinese companies setting up in Ukraine: 玛泽为在乌克兰设立的中国企业提供广泛的服务, 主要包括:

Accounting & Outsourcing 外包与会计服务

  • Keeping accounting books 会计账簿管理服务
  • Preparing financial statements 编制财务报表
  • Preparing reports and declarations for external bodies including banks 编制向外部机构和银行提供的各类报告
  • Preparing management reports 编制管理报告
  • Accounting supervision and on-going tax and business consultancy 会计监督和持续的税务商业咨询
  • Reviewing accounts and tax returns, and dealing with arrears 审查帐目和税务申报以及处理税金拖欠
  • Outsourcing certain accounting processes 会计流程外包
  • Acting for chief accountants 代理总会计师

HR Administration and payroll 人力资源服务和支持和工资单服务

  • Handling all issues related to the remuneration of employees 处理员工薪资相关的各项事宜
  • Keeping personnel files 管理员工个人档案
  • Advising on labour law issues and social insurance regulations 劳动法规与社会保险福利法规咨询
  • Consulting on the optimal forms of employment and pay strategies 工资优化及薪资策略咨询
  • Settlements for expatriates in Ukraine and for Ukrainians working abroad 驻乌克兰和外派人员协助

Audit 审计

  • Audit and review of financial statements 财务报表的审计与审核
  • Conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards and IFRS advisory 国际会计准则转换及咨询
  • Assistance in Initial Public Offerings 首次公开募股

Tax advisory 税务顾问

  • Corporate Income Tax 企业所得税
  • VAT and Excise Tax 增值税和消费税
  • Personal Income Tax 个人所得税
  • International tax regulations 国际税务法规
  • Transfer pricing 移转定价

Here  you can download 乌克兰 税法概述 2018 / Ukrainian TaxBiz Companion 2018 in Chinese language, the brochure, which contains topical information about Ukrainian tax legislation.

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