Бюллетень "Global mobility alert"

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Метою даного бюллетеню є надавати нашим клієнтам вчасно інформацію щодо будь-яких змін у законодавстві, що регулює переміщення працівників з метою роботи по світу.

Global Mobility Alert July 2016

Mazars Global Mobility Services have a long history. For many years we have been building a worldwide group of international advisors, specialising in advising employers on the international mobility of their employees. Our services include global tax compliance and optimisation, international payroll services, social security administration, shares schemes planning, immigration services etc., including global mobility policy advice and the management of global mobility.

Global Mobility Alert June 2015

As our Global Mobility practice grows the way we organise ourselves (via geographic hubs) is also developing. This edition of our Alert is focused on European news. Further editions will follow focusing on news for each of our other regional hubs. This Alert will provide a short overview of the latest Global Mobility developments and hot issues.

Global Mobility Alert November 2014

As part of the 6th Belgian State Reform, the Belgian government has adopted the fiscal regionalization of certain tax benefits which will be split between the federal and regional government starting from January 1, 2014. Consequently, certain tax benefits (e.g. mortgage deductions, service vouchers, childcare expenses) will become a regional tax matter while other credits (e.g. lump sum personal tax credits and credits for dependent persons) will remain a federal matter.

Global Mobility Alert April 2014

Welcome to the third issue of our Global Mobility Alert newsletter. In this edition, learn about specific risks, opportunities and tax law changes concerning the expatriation of employees in the People's Republic of China, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK.

Global Mobility Alert October 2013

Welcome to the second issue of our Global Mobility Alert. We are very grateful for the positive feedback and suggestions received about the first edition from our colleagues and clients, and look forward to working together to continue to provide you with an informative and thought provoking publication.

Global mobility alert April 2013

Welcome to the first Mazars Global Mobility Alert. Although in many parts of the world we are still facing the impact of a financial and economic crisis companies are not yet cutting back on the number of employees they send on international assignments. Simply because they realise, if they want to survive in the increasingly international marketplace, they have to ensure mobility is part of their global business strategy.