Business process optimization

1. Optimization of accounting function

  • Analysis of internal procedures, accounting processes and identification of "problem" areas
  • Assessment and optimization of internal controls
  • Identifying the main opportunities and provide recommendations to increase efficiency, structuring procedures and processes
  • Preparation of scenarios for a new model, preparation of an action plan for changes
  • Assistance in review and development of policies
  • Providing recommendations regarding automation of accounting preparation of technical tasks


2. Cash flow and working capital optimization

Strategic advice on working capital optimization, taking into account the interdependence of working capital elements:

  • Sales and accounts receivable
  • Production and inventories
  • Procurement and accounts payable


3. Regulatory compliance

  • Assistance in the identification of the laws, rules, codes and standards applicable to the operating environment, recommendation during applying compliance obligations into daily processes and procedures.
  • Assessment of the current and future regulatory risk and impact of new regulations
  • Assistance in review and development of internal policies


4. Accounting post-merger integration

  • Review of differences in the accounting methodology
  • Analysis of the distribution of functions
  • Creating post-merger integration plan and division of functional tasks
  • Assistance in review and development of internal policies
  • Recommendations regarding automation of accounting processes